Project HarWin

Project Completed (Duration: 01.09.12 - 31.08.15)

New Materials for Windows of the Future

The ever-growing impact of climate change and the shortage of resources show a significant need for action, especially when it comes to energy and material consumption in building and utilization of buildings in the next few decades. Windows and facades play a major role in this context. By using innovative polymer glass composite materials and the requisite process technologies, it is possible to lower weight, energy consumption and costs considerably during production. When installed in buildings, windows make particularly efficient use of daylight, thus contributing to a lower energy consumption. The use of multilayered systems results in multifunctional windows and facades that help regulate temperature, humidity and noise and thus contribute to living comfort.

HarWin is a research project that is funded as part of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) with the goal of fulfilling the EU Commission's objective in making buildings more energy-efficient by using new materials and technologies. The basis for the HarWin project was established by the Bavarian Research Association FORGLAS (multifunctional materials consisting of glass for energy-efficient building technologies), in which the project partners have researched part of the materials that are used in the HarWin project. The Research Association was funded by the Bavarian Research Foundation. The objective of the resulting EU project now is to optimize these materials and further the development of laminated glass panes. The decisive components of the new polymer glass composite materials are glass particles in ball form, which decrease thermal conduction, facilitate sound insulation, regulate humidity and increase the mechanical properties of the windows. The challenge is to combine these functional characteristics into the new window pane with sufficient transparency.

The new lightweight windows will comprise the following layers:

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