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24/3/2021 German-French Cleantech Webinar© Beboy/AdobeStock
18/3/2021 Next Destination: Horizon Europe – Funding for Digital Technologies and Mobility© EU commission
2/3/2021 EU project MINOA: Conference on “Trends in Mathematical Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation: Theory and Applications”© Minoa, ADA, TRR
17/12/2020 Merry Christmas© MareenFischinger/Westend61
18 - 20/11/2020 BE @SMM2020 – Brokerage Event @Smart Manufacturing Matchmaking 2020© AdobeStock/BUDDEE
17/11/2020 UniLion Annual Event© UniLion
22-24/9/2020 European Research and Innovation Days© R&I Days
22/09/2020 Micro & Nano Event 2020© Enterprise Europe Network
15/09/2020 Chances and Challenges: The EU Green Deal and its Role for Research & Innovation© background/AdobeStock
07-11/09/2020 Thessaloniki International Fair Matchmaking Event© Thessaloniki International Fair
15/07/2020 Building the future 2020© FIW München & va-Q-tec AG
13/07/2020 Series of digital events: Resilience and responsibility in times of crisis© Tina Berning
30/06/2020 BayFIA @ MedtecLIVE & Medtech Summit© Sergey Nivens/AdobeStock
29/06/2020 Virtual Energy Day – Very Shallow Geothermal Energy: A Sleeping Giant of the Energy Revolution© Stockwerk-Fotodesign/AdobeStock
25/06/2020 Virtual Energy Day – Breaking out of the bubble© Talaj/AdobeStock
09/06/2020 Virtual Matchmaking Event Canada & Germany AI solutions© NRC:
04&05/05/2020 2020 Partnering Event IFAT 2020© IFAT
28/4/2020 #startupskillthevirus webinarSource:
11/3/2020 Brokerage Event on Artificial Intelligence in Horizon 2020 at the Integrated Plant Engineering Conference in Nuremberg© EVZ/AdobeStock
19/2/2020 International Workshop “Green materials for Batteries in Horizon 2020”© deepagopi2011/AdobeStock
29/01/2020 nanotech 2020© daniel700/AdobeStock
03/12/2019 BayFOR at panel discussion on “European AI Ecosystem and the Role of Cities and Regions”© kras99/AdobeStock
29/11/2019 Danish-Bavarian Workshop© AndreyPopov/iStock
13/11/2019 Tech Tour Mobility© Gerhard Seyber/AdobeStock
07/11/2019 Nordic-Bavarian Partnering Workshop© spotmatikphoto/AdobeStock
23/10/2019 Conference „Artificial Intelligence© EVZ/AdobeStock
19/10/2019 Delegation trip to Chile© Blue World/AdobeStock
9/10/2019 International Brokerage EventSource:
01/10/2019 Horizon 2020 Project Factory on Energy Technologies© Rufous52/AdobeStock
News© FR Design/AdobeStock
9/6/2021 ERA-NET Joint Call 2021: "Accelerating the Heating and Cooling Transition"© Stockwerk-Fotodesign/AdobeStock
7/4/2021 EU Commission mobilises €123 million for research and innovation threat of variants@Mike Fouque/AdobeStock
16/3/2021 ATI Technology Centers© EU Commission
16/3/2021 Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) in Europe©metamorworks(istock
2/3/2021 Open Research Europe (ORE) publishing platform launch© EU
4/2/2021 Horizon Europe: External experts wanted for project evaluations© pickup
28/1/2021 State aid: Commission approves €2.9 billion public support by twelve Member States for a second pan-European research and innovation project along the entire battery value chain© kreatik/AdobeStock
17/12/2020 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021!© Westend61/Mareen Fischinger
11/12/2020 Horizon Europe: Council presidency reaches political agreement with the European Parliament© kreatik/AdobeStock
17/07/2020 European Green Call© European Commission
19/08/2020 Digital Conference on Industrial Technologies 2020© Nirut/iStock
10/07/2020 EU Innovation Fund – Funding for the reduction of greenhouse emissions© kreatik/AdobeStock
24/06/2020 An official entity: European Innovation Council Equity Fund for high-impact innovation© kreatik/AdobeStock
25/05/2020 European Commission opens online consultation for Green Deal Call© kreatik/AdobeStock
25/05/2020 Coronavirus: Commission boosts urgently needed research and innovation with additional €122 million© Mike Fouque/AdobeStock
23/03/2020 Information day on the current calls for proposals in the European Innovation Council (EIC)© atakan/iStock
20/03/2020 Calls COVID-19© Mike Fouque/AdobeStock
17/03/2020 Extended deadlines for Horizon 2020 calls© kreatik/AdobeStock
03/02/2020 Coronavirus: EU mobilises €10 million for research© kreatik/AdobeStock
12/12/2019 BayFOR Holiday wishes© Nikolay81/iStock
11/12/2019 EU approves €3.2 billion in funding to promote battery research and innovation© deepagopi2011/AdobeStock
05/12/2019 Wallonia meets Energy Campus Nürnberg© alphaspirit/AdobeStock
12/09/2019 The new call to train early-stage researchers is now open – MSCA ITN 2020© kreatik/AdobeStock
11/07/2019 AI Excellence in Europe: €50 million to bring world-class researchers together© kreatik/AdobeStock
02/07/2019 Horizon 2020: Commission to invest €11 billion in new ways to address societal challenges and boost jobs and growth© kreatik/AdobeStock
28/06/2019 Have your say on future objectives for EU-funded research and innovation© kreatik/AdobeStock
17/06/2019 EU Project CIRCULAR FLOORING enables environmentally friendly recycling of post-consumer PVC floor coverings© 831days/AdobeStock
16/05/2019 Directorate General for Research and Innovation - new organisation chart from 1 June 2019© kreatik/AdobeStock
15/05/2019 EU budget: Adding €100 million for research and student mobility programmes in 2019© kreatik/AdobeStock
13/05/2019 Open call for Horizon Europe Mission Boards© kreatik/AdobeStock
20/03/2019 EU budget for 2021-2027© kreatik/AdobeStock
18/03/2019 Call for applications: Commission Expert Group “European Innovation Council (EIC) Pilot Advisory Board”© kreatik/AdobeStock
15/03/2019 The European Research Council’s 2018 annual report is out© kreatik/AdobeStock
08/03/2019 Gender balance in research is improving, but pace is too slow: EU She Figures© kreatik/AdobeStock
06/11/2018 Programme as of 2021© kreatik/AdobeStock
25/07/2018 Horizon 2020 Work Programme update for 2019© kreatik/AdobeStock
27/07/2017 EU Commission publishes updated Horizon 2020 Work Programme for 2018-2020© kreatik/AdobeStock
22/02/2017 High-tech building insulation: EU research project INNOVIP to develop new technologies for long-lasting and cost-effective vacuum insulation panels© FIW München
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