EU initiative to map European technology centers for Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI)

ATI Technology Centers Mapping

The European Commission wants to increase the visibility of European “Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI)” technology centers that are offering services to enterprises and SMEs. European ATI centers are invited to be included in the online map of this initiative. The aim of the initiative is not only to increase visibility, but also to strengthen cooperation opportunities among themselves and with small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe.

To adequately support the implementation of policies and initiatives, the EU needs systematic monitoring of technological trends and reliable, up-to-date data on advanced technologies. This is why it has launched the Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) project. It provides the following services to policy makers, industry representatives and the scientific community:

  • Statistical data on the creation and use of advanced technologies (including information on enabling conditions such as skills, investment or entrepreneurship).
  • Analytical reports on technological trends, sectoral insights and products.
  • Analyses of policy measures and policy tools related to the uptake of advanced technologies.
  • Analyses of technological trends in competing economies such as in the US, China or Japan.
  • Access to technology centers and innovation hubs across EU countries.

ATI Technology Centers are public or private organisations that conduct applied research and near-market innovations (Technology Readiness Levels 3 to 8, not necessarily the full range) in the field of "Advanced Technologies for Industry". They help companies to develop and to produce new ATI-based products and to shorten the time to market for new innovations.
The technology centers typically offer the following services:

  • Access to technology expertise and facilities for validation
  • Demonstration
  • Proof of concept / Laboratory testing
  • Prototype development and testing
  • Pilot production and demonstration / Pilot lines / Pre-production runs
  • Product validation / Certification

The "ATI Mapping" includes, among others, technology centers that are active in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), "Big Data", nanotechnology and industrial biotechnology. Further information can be found here. The possibility to register can be found here

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