New research association ForGeRex to analyse and combat right-wing extremism in Bavaria

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An interdisciplinary research association consisting of 18 scientists from eleven Bavarian universities of applied sciences, universities and non-university research institutions is starting its work to deepen scientific knowledge on the topic of right-wing extremism. The ForGeRex network - Research Network for Contemporary Analyses, Remembrance Practice and Counter-Strategies to Right-Wing Extremism in Bavaria - is being funded for four years by the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts with a total of 4.5 million euros.

Various aspects of right-wing extremism are being analysed in nine sub-projects, for example the significance of right-wing extremism in social media, anti-Semitic conspiracy myths or explorations of the Reichsbürger scene. The initiators and co-speakers of the network, Prof. Dr Martina Ortner and Prof. Dr Clarissa Rudolph from the Faculty of Applied Social and Health Sciences at OTH Regensburg, also hope that critical research into right-wing extremism will become more permanent.

For decades, right-wing extremism was neglected as a social phenomenon. The initiators emphasise that it is only recently that the topic has been increasingly recognised at a social, political and security authority level. In this context, Prof. Dr Clarissa Rudolph emphasises the aim of the research association: "We want to expand and deepen our knowledge of the extent of right-wing extremist activities and actors. This is crucial in order to recognise the influence of the far right in various areas of society and to develop counter-strategies."

The research association focuses specifically on the situation in Bavaria and aims to close research gaps with regard to actors, structures, ideologies, attitudes and behaviour in the area of right-wing extremism. The findings should not only tie in with national and international academic discourse, but also take into account the regional specifics and the concrete actions of actors in Bavaria.

Prof. Dr Martina Ortner expresses her delight at the broad participation of researchers from various institutions and emphasises the importance of cross-university and interdisciplinary cooperation: "Nine sub-projects are conducting excellent research on a variety of topics relating to right-wing extremism. Bringing together different disciplines enables a comprehensive analysis of the phenomenon." In addition, young academics can complete their qualification theses in the association.

Prof Dr Ralph Schneider, President of OTH Regensburg, supports the commitment of the academics: "OTH Regensburg stands for diversity, tolerance and diversity. As a university family, we clearly represent these values to the outside world. I am therefore delighted that, as part of the ForGeRex research association, we will be contributing scientifically sound answers to the threat posed by right-wing extremist structures. Combating all forms of extremism is a task for society as a whole, and one in which OTH Regensburg is fully committed."

Source: OTH Regensburg

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