EU funding programmes

Fund-raising for European grants is increasing considerably in significance. The reasons for this lie on the one hand in the limitations of regional and national subsidies; on the other, higher financial contributions from the EU programmes (for example Horizon 2020) are enabling an attractive alternative and/or addition to the regional and national monies.

The sources of funding within the European Union are offering, without a doubt, a broad spectrum for research and innovation plans (R&I). But the first step is always the most difficult – a mountain of non-transparent information scares many potential applicants away right from the start.

You should speak with us if you are interested in possibilities for EU funding!
We will provide you with the necessary “overview” for a successful participation in respective EU programmes. For questions regarding any aspect of EU research funding and other EU funding possibilities, we are glad to help you.

Our services comprise a broad spectrum:

  • I) Information
  • II) Consultation
  • III) EU application support

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EU Commission publishes proposals for programmes as of 2021:

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