• Programme: Horizon 2020, Security (SC7)
  • Funding amount: €5.32 million, of which €362,500 is allocated to Bavaria
  • Funding period: 05/2018-04/2021
  • Coordinator: Institute of Communication & Computer Systems (ICCS), Greece
  • Project number: 786629
  • Internet:

EU Project MAGNETO: Multimedia data analysis to uncover and prevent organized crime

Large collections of data on, for example, perpetrators, crime scenes, and the sequence of crimes, are both a curse and a blessing to law enforcement agencies. On one hand, they provide new possibilities for solving crimes or even discovering hidden causalities. On the other hand, the evaluation of often heterogeneous quantities of data requires a great deal of capacity on the part of investigators. The EU project MAGNETO seeks to develop solutions for this issue.

MAGNETO conducts research in the area of data-based investigation work that can help solve, and occasionally prevent, crimes through the software-based analysis of very large and heterogeneous multimedia data. Eleven different law enforcement agencies from all over Europe are members of the MAGNETO consortium. In order to be better equipped to combat terrorism and organized crime, this project seeks to develop an intelligent open source platform capable of comparing large quantities of data from various sources with one another and evaluating them. The aim is to uncover hidden causalities between data items, enabling investigators to discover parallels between different crimes. Ideally, they will also even be able to detect signs of a security breach in order to identify a specific threat scenario and to intervene preventively. Developers are meant to be able to constantly expand this open source platform in terms of design and structure. In order to achieve this goal, MAGNETO includes participating authorities throughout the platform development process. Five representative and complementary investigative cases serve as an agile test bed for software development under real conditions. To develop these tools and methods, MAGNETO is made up of an interdisciplinary consortium of qualified and highly experienced researchers and investigators from twelve countries, including internationally renowned ethical and legal experts as well as experts in the development of innovative training and education content.

Comments on BayFOR’s contribution:

Dr. Holger Nitsch

“After MAGNETO was not proposed for funding during the first attempt in 2016, BayFOR assisted us in revising our application, which was then resubmitted in a modified version one year later in the same open tender, winning the bid in the second attempt. The Munich Police Headquarters was also brought in as the second Bavarian consortium partner for the resubmission, after it had received advisory support from BayFOR on project management issues.”

Dr. Holger Nitsch
University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration and Legal Affairs in Bavaria
Projectpartner MAGNETO
Phone: +49 (0)8141 408-208

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