Programme: Horizon 2020, CIVITAS, Coordination and Support Action (CSA)
Funding amount: EUR 1.5 million, of which EUR 250,000 for Bavaria
Funding period: 02/2021 – 09/2023
Coordinator: Uwe Pfeil, Cluster Mobility & Logistics (R-Tech GmbH)

EU project RECIPROCITY: Accelerating replication for smarter and cleaner mobility”

The global issues of urbanisation, climate change and digitalisation are changing our mobility. In order to achieve European and global climate goals, urban and peri-urban areas must become climate resilient and interconnected, multi-modal hubs for smart and clean mobility. The EU project RECIPROCITY is intended to help them with this.

There are always a variety of successful European mobility pilot projects but these innovations are implemented on the basis of the specific needs and requirements of a city, district or area. City planners and project developers often find it difficult to effectively transfer the results of mobility pilot projects to other circumstances, cities and regions.

Innovative mobility solutions for cities and municipalities in Europe

RECIPROCITY ("Replication of innovative concepts for peri-urban, rural or inner-city mobility") therefore wants to initiate innovative mobility solutions in at least 20 European cities and communities that differ in size, location, degree of urbanisation and mobility needs. To this end, these cities and communities will be equipped with tools, knowledge and contacts to accelerate the development process of innovative mobility solutions. This includes workshops and webinars, as well as matchmaking events to form new partnerships and strengthen knowledge sharing. By involving clusters and city networks, an even larger number of cities and municipalities will also be involved during the project to increase the impact across Europe.

Synergy of mobility actors and citizens

The right innovative mobility solutions should develop all mobility players and citizens together. To do this, they also need to identify the requirements, processes and capabilities needed to implement these innovative mobility solutions. Successful examples are then to be replicated in other partner regions in order to make mobility solutions quickly and easily accessible to a larger group of cities and communities.

The consortium, coordinated by Cluster Mobility & Logistics (Regensbrug, Germany), consists of ten partners – including clusters and research institutions – from nine European countries.


"BayFOR really helped us to develop a winning proposal. By participating in the BayFOR seminar 'How to make a convincing EU application', we gained a deep understanding of how to formulate R&I funding applications. Permanent contact during the application phase and final feedback on the proposal were also very valuable. I like BayFOR!"
Uwe Pfeil, Cluster Mobility & Logistics


Uwe Pfeil

Uwe Pfeil
Cluster Mobility & Logistics (R-Tech GmbH)
Phone: +49 941 604889 55

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