Public relations

"Public Relations, through either the spoken or printed word, is the art of creating beneficial public opinion by means of actions or visual symbols for one’s own firm, its products or services. "
Quote from Carl Hundhausen, “German Advertising”, 1937

We are contributing, through these web-pages, to an on-going transfer of knowledge for our target groups in science, politics and commerce.

We are also informing interested professionals of recent news from our fields of activity, for example references to European research promotion or new collaborations between Bavaria and Canada.

The previously established internet site for the Association of Bavarian Research Cooperations (abayfor) has also been integrated into these web-pages and is continued under the umbrella of BayFOR. The abayfor media used up to the present for PR communications shall be retained: press releases, newsletters, flyers, as well as the publication “Zukunft im Brennpunkt“ (“The Future in the Spotlight”).

You can be kept up-to-date regarding the activities of BayFOR, if you simply enter your email address into our distribution list here.

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EU Commission publishes proposals for programmes as of 2021:

EU project MINOA: From energy to logistics: controlling complex systems more effectively thanks to new algorithm 

National Research Council Canada and BayFOR sign Memorandum of Understanding