Research Funding

In the context of the Lisbon-Strategy from the year 2000, the European Research Policy was granted new stimulus and guidelines for the 21st Century. This is because research and innovation are mainsprings, with which one can track the ambitious goal of the Council of the European Union: to make Europe into the most competitive, most growth-acclaimed and knowledge-based economic area in the world.

A further cornerstone from the year 2000 is the creation of a “European Research Area” (ERA), which is meant to consolidate the research and economic area of Europe. An attempt is made in this context to clear the way for a “common market for research” – a market in which scientists, know-how individuals and technologies can move freely and in which a sufficient European research and technology policy can be implemented.

In order to achieve this goal, instruments are being put in place such as the new framework programme for research and innovation Horizon 2020. For further information on Horizon 2020 please visit

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EU Commission publishes proposals for programmes as of 2021:

EU project MINOA: From energy to logistics: controlling complex systems more effectively thanks to new algorithm 

National Research Council Canada and BayFOR sign Memorandum of Understanding