Below, you will find events that are of interest to innovative SMEs which are keen on working at EU level:


EEN Brokerage Event: Klimahouse Business Match 2021

28 Jan 2021 – 29 Jan 20201 Online
Klimahouse Business Match 

Organiser: Instituto per la promozione dello sviluppo economico, Italy
Sector: Energy, Materials, Construction
Description: Klimahouse is the international trade show focusing on energetically efficient and sustainable building. Its main goal is to develop and nurture a better building ecosystem that enables a better living community.



EEN Matchmaking Event: MariMatch 2021

02 Feb 2021 – 05 Feb 2021 Online

Organiser: TuTech Innovation GmbH, Germany
Sector: Blue economy
Description: This international brokerage event will give opportunity to get to know future business and research partners through 20-minutes virtual meetings. Topics include sustainability in maritime industries, digitalization and automation, circular economy in shipbuilding etc.



EEN Brokerage Event: German-Polish Dialogue on the Healthcare Sector

11 Feb 2021 Online
Healthcare Dialogue

Organiser: Industrie- und Handelskammer Ostbrandenburg, Germany
Sector: Health
Description: The Healthcare Dialogue will offer a platform for exchange on current and future status of the healthcare sector in Germany and Poland. The event consists of a conference presenting current opportunities and challenges as well as a B2B part for finding potential partner companies with innovative solutions.



EEN B2B: Solar Energy Businesss Mixer 2021

16 Feb 2021 – 17 Feb 2021 Online
Solar Energy Business Mixer

Organiser: Instytut Mechanizacji budownictwa I gornictwa skalnego, Poland
Sector: Solar Energy
Description: The B2B meetings on this event are a possibility to get knowledge and business contacts with companies, manufacturers in sectors relevant to solar energy, such as materials, solar modules etc.



EEN Brokerage Event: Life-on-Chip - Exploring the convergence in health technologies

23 Feb 2021 – 25 Feb 2021 Online

Organiser: Enterprise Europe Network Flanders, Belgium
Sector: Health
Description: This event will focus on applications of innovative technologies such as micro- and nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and robotics in the health and life sciences. Along the conference there will be B2B meetings for international companies in these sectors.


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