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The Bavarian Research Alliance – BayFOR – acts as your gateway to Bavarian expertise in research and innovation (R&I). It was established by the Bavarian universities and universities of applied sciences and supports these and other stakeholders from the field of R&I, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, in cross-border collaboration in the area of research and innovation. BayFOR has excellent knowledge of the Bavarian R&I landscape and can therefore establish contact with suitable co-operation partners quickly and strategically.

Our core competences include:

Acquiring funding for international R&I projects

BayFOR is the central point of contact when it comes to acquiring European and international funding for research and innovation. Are you looking for a co-operation partner in Bavaria for your R&I project? Would you like to make contact with a Bavarian company, university or a local authority to work together on elaborating a project application? Then talk to us! As a full service provider, we support consortia with Bavarian participation from the initial idea to submission of the application – and free of charge too. At your request, we will also supervise the contract preparations with the funding bodies or participate in projects as a consortium partner for project management and/or dissemination of project results.

You will find a detailed overview of our services here.

Are you interested in a direct exchange with a scientific researcher in Bavaria in order to sound out a co-operation or prepare a project? As part of the BayIntAn Funding Programme for the Initiation of International Projects, which we support as a project administrator, scientific researchers employed at a Bavarian university can apply for a mobility allowance for travel in the framework of international co-operation meetings.

Further information about BayIntAn you will finde here.

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Point of contact for international scientific collaboration between Bavaria and individual partner regions and countries

Bavaria maintains close relations with strong economies and regions outside of Europe, which pursue similar interests. BayFOR hosts a scientific coordination office (WKS) on behalf of the Bavarian State Government, which promotes bilateral collaboration with these countries and regions in the areas of research and innovation. The aim is to jointly establish an increased international presence. The following bilateral relations currently exist:

RLS (Regional Leaders Summit)-Science

Consultancy on Bavarian and German collaborative research projects

Since its foundation, BayFOR has been a close partner of the Bavarian Research Associations, which are funded by the Bavarian Research Foundation and various Bavarian ministries. The associations are founded in response to current events, due to the need for consultancy in business, society or politics or as direct investment in the future for safeguarding Bavaria as a research and business location. For instance, BayFOR supports scientists and companies from the associations in networking with non-Bavarian partners and in applying for German and European funding for joint projects.

Are you seeking partners of excellence from science and industry for your project? Our  Bavarian/National Collaborative Research Unit will be pleased to make contact for you.
Bavarian/ National Collaborative Research Unit

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