EDIH Twister Vol. I

EDIH Twister Vol. I

The Bavarian-Czech event of the CyberSecurity Hub and the CzechInno Association on 11 May in Ceské Budejovice (Czech Republic) is intended as an information and networking event. It focuses on the new services offered by the European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) to support the digital transformation of companies. BayFOR is taking part in the event as a partner organisation in the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and will give a presentation on how it successfully supported a Bavarian EDIH with its EU funding application.

European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) are one-stop shops that help businesses and public sector organisations respond to digital challenges and become more competitive. Many EDIHs include organisations that are part of the EEN or European Industrial Clusters. EDIHs should build strong links with other networks, including EEN, European Industrial Clusters and Start-up Europe, to provide a seamless service to SMEs within local and regional ecosystems.

The networking event EDIH Twister Vol. I informs Bavarian and Czech SMEs about EDIHs, other networks and their services in the field of digital transformation. In its presentation, the Bavarian Research Alliance will describe how it successfully  supported an EDIH in applying for EU funding. This EDIH, the European Digital Innovation Hub "Ostbayern – Grenzenlos Digital " (EDIH-OGD), is a network of partner institutions that addresses the innovation needs of this region at the Bavarian-Czech border, which is of particular importance for the companies in the region. This EDIH takes up one of the many "white spots" in Europe and transforms this cross-border region into a digital innovation region.

Event time

Thursday, 11 May 2023, from 10:00 till 15:00 hrs


South Bohemian Science and Technology Park Ceské Budejovice, Czech Republic (more information about the venue will be provided with the registration.)


The event will be simultaneously translated into Czech and German.

Registration and agenda

You will find the registration and the agenda of the event here.

Contact at BayFOR

Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Dan Gutu
Scientific Officer
Information and Communication Technology / Space
Phone: +49 89 9901888-136
E-mail: gutu@no-spam-pleasebayfor.org

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