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The Circular Economy A Model for the Future

EU project MOVECO publishes new online platform for exchanging resources and products

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From energy to logistics: controlling complex systems more effectively thanks to new algorithms

The new European Training Network “MINOA” is looking for doctoral students for four years of international training and research in applied mathematics

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High-tech building insulation: EU research project INNOVIP to develop new technologies for long-lasting and cost-effective vacuum insulation panels

Munich – The demands from Brussels are ambitious: by 2050, office and private buildings in Europe must lower their CO2 footprint by around 80 percent, compared to 1990 levels1. Optimal thermal insulation will play a key role in achieving this target. Vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) are particularly promising in this regard, but are still very expensive and difficult to work with. Moreover, to ensure a high level of market acceptance, the lifetime of the panels has to be improved. The INNOVIP project, which has received around Euro 5 million of EU funding, aims to solve these problems through innovative technologies and the development of new materials. The international project team led by the Munich-based Forschungsinstitut für Wärmeschutz e. V. (research institute for thermal insulation, known as FIW Munich) will be working towards a further improvement in the efficiency of the VIPs as well as the development of features such as anti-mould coatings and increased fire resistance.

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The supercomputers of tomorrow need new software to perform a billion billion computer operations per second

The EU research project "ExaHyPE" is developing open-source software for exascale-class supercomputers based on two scenarios taken from geophysics and astrophysics

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Networking Platform for Applied Research in Europe

International conference on "Mobilizing Universities of Applied Sciences for Horizon 2020” brings together scientists from 20 countries in Brussels and paves the way for successful international cooperation projects

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Kick-off for an international academic career

EU research network OSNIRO offers young scientists training in organic electronics

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Sustainable, innovative forest use for Europe

EU research project SIMWOOD launched to mobilise untapped reserves of timber

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Climate Change: Geoportal Enables Regional Projections

EU research cluster CLIWASEC presents results of research in the Mediterranean region

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New EU-funded Project − Psycho-social Support in Crisis Situations

Serious crises – precipitated by events such as airline crashes, school shootings or natural disasters – place enormous demands on everyone involved – victims, emergency services and response coordinators. In addition to physical injury and loss of life, these events can inflict massive psychological stress and traumatize survivors and rescue teams alike. A new EU-funded collaborative project, entitled Psycho-social Support in Crisis Management (abbreviated PsyCris), will attempt to define how to select and provide the sort of psycho-social support that is best suited to different types of situation, and will investigate the impacts of stress and other constraints on crisis managers and their decision-making processes.

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FP7 Funding for collaborative project TIRCON - "Treat Iron-Related Childhood-Onset Neurodegeneration"

EU funding in the millions enables international consortium to research rare neurodegenerative disease

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Bright future for electricity from plastic: EU research project LARGECELLS for large-scale application of organic photovoltaics

Scientists at the University of Bayreuth to coordinate ambitious EU research project “LARGECELLS” for large-scale application of organic photovoltaics.
European-Indian consortium aims at doubling the efficiency levels of
organic photovoltaic cells (OPV).

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Bayerisches Laserzentrum GmbH - LANE 2010 conference

Light creates Progress - Call for Papers for the LANE 2010 Sixth International Conference currently under way

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The Bavarian Research Alliance has a new Executive Director

As of the first of January 2009, the Bavarian Research Alliance (BayFOR) has a new Executive Director: Harun Parlar, Professor for Chemical-Technical Analysis and Chemical Food-Technology as well as Director of the Research Centre Weihenstephan for Brewing and Food Quality. Professor Parlar has been holding this line function since the beginning of the year, at which time he replaced the founding Executive Director Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans Georg Ll after more than two years in that post.

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BayFOR is committed to a new EU project: More protection for the forests within the Alpine region

Intact mountain forests serve as the basis for ecological equilibrium. They are an essential foundation for both human life and nature.
In view of the anticipated climatic changes as well as the ever-increasing socio-economic and ecological demands being made upon the forests, strategies for the preservation of biological diversity within these forests must be developed.

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EU Commission publishes proposals for programmes as of 2021:

EU project MINOA: From energy to logistics: controlling complex systems more effectively thanks to new algorithm 

National Research Council Canada and BayFOR sign Memorandum of Understanding