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On 12 and 13 June 2009 the first International Funding Forum (IFF) will take place at the Technopark Zurich in Switzerland. Researchers, donors and industry specialists from across Europe will come together and will receive first hand information about the known and new sources of funding available for all stages from basic research to corporate finance of start-up or spin-off companies. They also receive intensive courses on the main aspects of research management.

The Funding Forum 2009 is the first International Conference on Research Funding and will take place on 12 & 13 June 09 in Zurich/Switzerland. It will be organised as a two-day event to inform the academic research community as well as small and medium-sized enterprises about “Where to get funds/grants for R&D and how to deal with funds”.

On the first day, major funding opportunities will be presented. On the second day, workshops will be organised to get more detailed information and special trainings about “How to deal with funds”. The conference will be organised jointly or under the auspices of many partners e.g. European Federation for Biotechnology EFB, Euresearch Zurich, ManuFuture, Young European Biotech Network YEBN.

Funding institutions will use this platform to get in contact with their target groups – the scientist and/or SMEs. Funding institutions are e.g. National Funding Organisations, EUREKA/Eurostars, COST, European Seventh Framework Programme EU FP7, Special SME-Support Programmes, Venture Capital Agencies, Major Private Foundations.

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